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Angel's Nursery is a plant nursery in Naples, Florida. As a family owned and operated business, we are proud to provide beautiful, plants and farm-fresh products to the Naples, FL area. Our nursery has many different kinds of plants, fruit trees, soil, fertilizer for both regular plants and edible plants and fruits, and more. We offer plant delivery and fruit delivery in the Naples area.


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Plant Nursery in Naples, FL

Angel’s Nursery is a plant nursery in Naples, FL. We are a family owned and operated business that has had a passion for the growth, maintenance and care of plants and fruits for many years. We are now proud to offer many fresh and plants and fruits from our Naples nursery for both delivery and pick-up.

Natural Plants & Fruits in Florida

Angel’s Nursery prides themselves on the high-quality of our indoor and outdoor plants and fruits. Every plant and fruit we have is grown by experienced and dedicated growers. We always visit our planting areas and tend to our plants and fruits to ensure a natural and healthy growth process. If you are looking for a plant that we do not have, we can try to acquire the plant and grow it for you so that you can eventually care for it on your own.

Friendly Plant Nursery & Garden Center

We aim to be the best garden center and plant nursery in Naples. Our customers are a top priority for us and we ensure strong customer service and high-quality plants and fruits. If you need gardening tips and planting tips, recommendations on fruit and plant care, or if you are just looking to buy a plant, get in touch with Angel’s Nursery today.

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